Kids: Then & Now

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Your laughter that when from the top of your head to the curling of your toes.
Your love of warm hugs and sweet kisses.
Playing the same nursery rhymes over and over.
Your little stuffed dog that you can't go to sleep without.


Your laughter when you're with your friends brings me joy (and the fact that you still laugh so hard your toes curl and you have tears running down your face).
When you turn to me with a huge smile and say "Thank you, Mom!".
You playing the same songs over and over while singing at the top of your lungs and winning medals in the Special Olympics.
You still have that same little stuffed dog on your bed.

Our babies are growing up and finding themselves.  I love seeing her growth from a little bit to a joyful teenager.  They're really not much different from their pre-k years, right? Just a different journey!

This video gave me all the feels.

This article from Dr Ginsberg is such a wonderful reminder that our teens are finding out who they are and to embrace this next step in the parenting journey. The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is a new and oh so valuable resource for parents who are navigating the teen years. The teen years can be challenging and rewarding (all in one!). Dr Ginsberg, the director, is a wealth of information- read more here.

What are your favorite childhood memories of your teen?
What kind of amazing things is your teen doing?

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